Material genetics will be pursued by the AMULET project

We are pleased to announce that the AMULET (Advanced Multiscale Materials for Key Enabling Technologies) project was approved this year, with our faculty being a member of the research consortium. Multiscale materials are assembled from different ty...


Great news from Erasmus+

Our international students regularly write reports about their studies at our Faculty of Science. We greatly appreciate their enthusiasm, and as a result, have chosen to share one of these reports: "The Erasmus+ experience in UJEP was just amazing. I ...


1st PhD-Conference: Biologization, Nanotechnology, Simulation

The long-prepared PhD student conference will take place next week. This doctoral conference aims to promote exchange in the crossborder region of Czechia and Germany on an international level (27th June – 1st July 2022, Dresden, Ústí nad Labem/Ostrov)...