Department of Biology

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Mgr. Jan Malý, Ph.D.
Head of Department
Room: CPTO 4.01
Phone: +420 475 28 6781

Bc. Iva Hájková
Administrative Officer
Room: Za Válcovnou 1000/8, Ústí nad Labem-Předlice ( 1st floor)
Phone: +420 475 28 3616

Department of Biology can be dated back to year 2004, when it arised just as a part of Faculty of Education. Its goal was, since the very begining, to train students of educatory fields of studies for basic biology principles as well as for modern scientific methods.

Nowadays, Department of Biology, as a part of Faculty of Science, has much more to offer: Students can choose from various forms of bachelor studies (Bc.), full-time or combined, sigle field (biology) or multiple fields like biology and chemistry, biology and physics etc., which is suitable for future teachers of these subjects. Moreover, graduates can opt for further education in the follow-up master’s degree (Mgr.).

Department itself has two parts, one located in new building of CPTO. But the main part is located “Za Válcovnou”. This small campus consists of “old building” with three classrooms, laboratory of Microbiology (doc. Gryndler), division of Botany (doc. Kubát), laboratory of Bryophytes (Lenka), laboratory of Genetics (dr. Ipser), division of Molecular Biology and Physiology (doc. Mareš), laboratory of Electron Microscopy (doc. Benada) and laboratory of Experimental Plant Biology (dr. Malinská) connected to “Phytotrone” and experimental greenhouse, both finalized in 2019.