Department of Biology

Dear students,

You have, probably, already decided for study of biology, the science studying life in all its forms. The subject you have opted for, deals with organisms at different stages of their development: at the level of basic atomic and molecular processes, cell organelles, single cells, tissues, organs, specimen, population, communities, ecosystems.

In the opinion of many Nobel Prize winners, this period of time presents the greatest challenge for biology studies. On behalf of all the teachers who you will meet at lectures or in our quality furbished laboratories, I wish you that you aren’t disappointed with your study of this challenging field of science, that your curiosity and long for knowledge is satisfied and that you get the opportunity to become a comprehensive scientist or a highly qualified teacher.

Mgr. Jan Maly, Ph.D.

Head of the Department of Biology




Department of Biology at the Faculty of Science UJEP, in the framework of the study program of biology, provides for the students the following study fields:

Three-year specialized study program, exclusively focused on biology

Bachelors degree program in biology in full-time and combined forms

Graduate’s profile of bachelor’s single-subject program in biology:

Graduate will acquire knowledge and skills in basic biological fields as well as, to an adequate measure, in related fields (chemistry, physics, informatics). He can find a job as a qualified employee with university degree at institutions with biological orientation, e.g.  as an independent laboratory assistant in medical, science research laboratories and other institutions, as a specialist in museums, Zoos and botanical gardens, ecological organizations, a specialist in state administration offices (department of nature protection, inspectorate of environment, administration of ANCLP CR and national parks, centres of the Agency for nature conservation and landscape protection, etc), or at educational out-of-school institutions (e.g. homes of children and youth).

Three-year two-subject

The 3‑year BA study programme aims to give the students substantial knowledge in the two chosen subjects

Profile of the graduate of two-subject bachelor’s degree program — program biology:

Graduate will acquire professional theoretic and practical preparation in basic biological sciences at university degree level. He can get employed in research and operation laboratories of relevant orientation,  in state administration offices in the sphere of environment and nature protection, educational, cultural and training institutions (zoo and botanical gardens, museums) and also in organizations dealing with free-time activities of children and youth.

Two-year, two-subject

Follow-up masters degree program of teacher training for the second stage of basic schools and secondary schools

Graduate’s profile of the follow-up two-subject master’s degree program — subject biology

Graduate is professionally and pedagogically prepared to teach biology at all basic and secondary schools in the Czech Republic. He is able to engage in independent science research in the range of single biological specialisations with using of modern experimental techniques, lead students of secondary school to such extent of specialisation which will enable them to enter university. He has enough professional erudition to be admitted to a doctoral program in all component subjects of biology.

Science and Research

Biosensors and nanotechnology division is uncoiling research activity in the field of developing new NanoBioSensor detection devices , research of biopatterning and using of atomic force microscopy in the studies of biological objects.

  • Research of spider silk, its ultrastructure, macrostructure and histology of spinning glands
  • The study of ultrastructure is provided in co-operation with the laboratory of biosensors

Evolution and eco-ethological implication of arthropods pigmentation and their variability

Botanical research aimed at completing the work Flower of Czech Republic in cooperation with the Institute of Biology of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic, mapping of endangered species of plants in the framework of the project Interreg. Cooperation with FZP (Faculty of Environment) on investigating the project MZE/GH82126 2008–2012: Providing harmonisation of landscaping, hydrologic and production functions of dikes and terraces for diversification of activities in the countryside.

Research of parasitic nematodes

Behavioral study aimed at verification of the possibility of evolution background of dominance and submissiveness in sex.

Life at the Department

The Department facilities are located in the city district of Předlice. The two pavilions integrate study and work space of three laboratories with biological equipment, a lecture hall, a depository, a graduates’ study room and laboratory of scanning electron microscopy. The garden is purposefully divided into two parts — the outdoor and the greenhouse areas. It serves as professional workplace utilized for the study of biological disciplines, and is presently undergoing extensive redesigning.

Life at the Department is best evidenced on the web site of the department of biology at: It is also worth mentioning our Photo-gallery and the division Garden and Greenhouses, which contains the actual calendar of events for schools and general public for the year 2009, and acquaints with the plan for further development.

Admission Procedure

It has been unambiguously proved that admitting a great number of students without entrance examinations and, as a rule, without presumptions for successful completion of the first year, lacks either reason or objective.  Therefore, the first pre-condition for being enrolled for study is being successful in passing entrance examinations in biology in the form of a written test. You can view the tests from the latest admission, as well as their solutions, at the address:


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Biotechnology Division address:

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Mgr. Marcel Štofik, Ph.D.
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