Department of Mathematics

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RNDr. Jiří Škvor, Ph.D.
Head of the Department
Room: CPTO 7.14
Phone: +420 475 28 6684, +420 607 029 947

Ing. Michaela Nedvědová
Administrative Officer
Room: CPTO 7.12
Phone: +420 475 28 6683

The Department of Mathematics provides tuition in the bachelor study programmes:

  • Mathematics in Business and Public Administration
  • Mathematics for Education (the study is realised in combination with another subject for the two-subject program)

and in the follow-up master’s study programme:

  • Upper Secondary School Teacher Training in Mathematics (the study is realised in combination with another subject for the two-subject program)

The Department of Mathematics is also involved in teaching mathematical disciplines in the study programmes of other departments at the Faculty of Science and other university faculties.

Research activity of the Department of Mathematics focuses especially on the following areas:

  • Diagnostics for assessment of pupil’s predispositions for solution of mathematical problems
  • Methodological improvements in data envelopment analysis and empirical quantitative research in diverse fields of economics
  • General topology, topological groups and category theory
  • Ordered semigroups
  • Phylogenetic and ontogenetic development of the infinity concept
  • Heuristic strategies in mathematical problem solving
  • Function spaces, theory of real interpolation, weighted inequalities

The Department of Mathematics is also active in the area of contract research with a focus on the methods of applied statistics for the application sphere, public administration or research organisations. The Department also organises seminars in statistical data processing and evaluation.

Furthermore, the Department of Mathematics organises events for mathematics teachers and for elementary and secondary school students. They mostly include specialised lectures, seminars on solving mathematical problems or summer schools.