City of Ústí nad Labem

The UniverCity

Ústí nad Labem, with its 100,000 residents, lies about 80 kilometres North of Prague, only a few kilometres from the border with Germany, namely with the state of Saxony. It stretches across both banks of the river Elbe, and the first references about the city date back to the 11th century. There are a number of monuments and places of interest in the city, among the most remarkable are, for example, the romantic ruins of originally gothic castle of Střekov, the excursion chateau of Větruše, the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (the very famous one with a slant tower), the Church of St. Vojtěch, the church of Apostle Paul, the Zoo, the Erben Lookout Tower or Berta valley. The central part of Ústí nad Labem is undergoing extensive reconstruction, and thus, the city is slowly but surely getting rid of its uncomplimentary label of the past regime times.

In the broader neighbourhood of Ústí nad Labem city, you will find a great number of excursion destinations: Vaňov waterfalls, the  castle of Blansko, St. Barbara’s church in Dubice, Tiske walls, the museum of folk architecture in Zubnice, pleasant Labe River cruise with Porta Bohemica, a few cycle lanes, and further, for example, the National Park of České Švýcarsko National park with its famous Pravčická Brána rock.

The position of the city is equally unique. Practically next door, there are the Krušné mountains which offer beautiful terrain and equipped centres for winter sports and mountain bikes. Just a few kilometres further, there stretches the region of the Labe River Sandstone mountains where mountaineering is extensively practised. It’s also just a hop to the picturesque hills of České středohoří mountains and the Lužické mouintans with a lot of beautiful lookout towers.

Sports in Ústí nad Labem

You will find information about numerous sports facilities at in the division Tourism-Entertainment and sport-Sport. You can find there information about athletics, basketball,  martial sports, cycling, fitness facilities, football, handball, mountaineering, horse riding, bowling, ice hockey, skiing, swimming, skateboarding, tennis, hiking, rowing and water polo. Information about swimming pools is on the web site of Ústí nad Labem City services ( operator of the swimming Pool Brná, the City football stadium, City baths, Klíše swimming pool, sauna and winter stadium). Besides several Ústí swimming pools, you can travel to the nearby aqua centres in Děčín or Teplice. Not far from Ústí nad Labem (about 10 km), there is, as was mentioned above, skiing area Zadní Telnice, there are also cross-country lanes in the nearby Adolfov, Nakléřov and Tis.  In summer months, you can take a cycle bus to Adolfov (more information on the web site of the Public Transport  Enterprise of Ústí nad Labem

History at (almost) every step

In view of the rich history of settlements in the Usti region, you will find many monuments in the city neighbourhood. Among the best-known, we can remind, for example, the romantic rotunda on Říp hill, the gothic church in Most, the baroque castle in Duchcov, monasteries in Osek and Doskany, palaces in Ploskovice and Libochovice. Litoměřice, Úštek and Terezín were declared city heritage zones, and in Roudnice nad Labem the city centre is under heritage protection. Several villages in Litoměřice district were chosen as village heritage sites.

Culture and other entertainment

With demanding studies, relaxing and enjoying oneself is a must. Otherwise, how could a stressed and exhausted student do a quality performance in his studies?! Fortunately, Ústí nad Labem is a city which offers plenty of opportunities, it’s up to you to choose according to your nature. Relax, draw energy, discharge your stress, chat in the company of friends – you can do all this in a number of places well-tested in many years.

“Regular Wednesday events arranged at the local High-School bar are a real students’ affair.  If you address a native person or a student with the name of “High-School Bar”, they will probably claim with stout confidence that nothing of the kind exists in Ústí nad Labem. Students, they say, go to “véeška”, and not only on Wednesday, when there are events.  The convenient location simply suggests for a visit – you will find the VS Bar on the ground floor of Residence Hall 3″, that’s what you’ll read in the university Bulletin, and we can’t but agree. And with account of other tips. On your way from school you can’t pass by another legendary establishment – it stands right in front of the Hall of Residence, and its garden lures to sit down for one dewy drink. Welcome to the restaurant “Na Hnátě”. In close vicinity to the university Halls of Residence, there are more renowned  establishments. A few steps further, there is cocktail bar “Delirium”. About a hundred metres north, there is  pub “Žumpa”, popular with rock-climbers. Lovers of bowling will appreciate 10 professional bowling tracks which belong to the nearby Italian restaurant “Replay” and Mexican “El Paso”.

Concerts, occasionally films for a choosy spectator and other events arranged by the University Students Union can be found at the following proven addresses: in the experimental room Mumie, music club Doma, students club Relaks, Café La Rue, club Circus, etc.  You can’t overlook the fliers with information about events.

As further guarantee of cultural self-realization, there are two theatre scenes:  that of the North Bohemia Theatre of Opera and Ballet, and that of the Drama Studio. There are also cinemas Hraničář, Biograf, U Františka, newly opening multicinema Palace Cinemas (due to open in November) and several smaller or larger galleries.

To put it short, you won’t feel bored in Ústí nad Labem.