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Computer modelling in physics and technology

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Physics (dual ‑subject program)



Computer modelling in science and technology

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Computer methods in science and technology
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Computer methods in science and technology
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Science and Research

The professional and scientific work of our staff members focuses on various fields of research, for instance:

  • Issues of plasma modification of surfaces and thin layer preparation
  • Computer simulation and analysis of biological complexes which could be beneficial in the treatment of cancer
  • Nanotechnologies
  • Computer modelling (for example, modelling of polymer nanocomposite structures, energy processes in the sun’s plasma)


In the  past , departmental staff have been engaged, as principal researchers or co-researchers , on a number of national and international projects in the fields of nanotechnology, solar physics, etc.


Staff members have received many awards in relation to their research work and findings -

for example ; RNDr. Anna Mackova, PhD was awarded the Otto Wichterle Prize for  2008. The Prize is awarded annually by the Czech Republic Academy of Science to distinguished, exceptionally qualified and prospective scientific researchers.



Life at the Department

Studies are carried out in modern, computer equipped laboratories and classrooms to which students have continuous free access.

The course also provides students with the option of realising part of their course abroad within the scope of international (work/study placement) programs.

Along with compulsory course subject material and requirements, students are also able to expand their knowledge and widen their horizons through optional courses, regular seminars and excursions. The department has also been successfully cooperating with other schools and interest organizations in the region for a number of years. In addition, together with the JČMF (Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists) we annually organize the Physics Olympics and a week-long summer school for young mathematicians and physicists.


The staff members of the Physics Department are sports enthusiasts, musicians, tea lovers and recognised experts who have had their peer reviewed papers published in a number of respected national and international journals (The European Journal of Mass Spectrometry, Journal of Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Vacuum, etc.). They participate, together with their students, in national and international debates and conferences, and always endeavour to share their professional knowledge and experience in a friendly manner, ensuring students benefit from the highest quality education.


The department of physics cooperates with a number of renowned Worldwide and nationally based institutions, for example:

  • Charles University, the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Academy of Science,  Czech Republic
  • University for Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland — SUPSI (Switzerland)
  • Institute for Applied Computer Science and Industry (Switzerland)
  • Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal (Canada)


Admission Procedure

For all bachelor’s degree programs, students are admitted without entrance examinations.



Faculty of Science
Department of Physics

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