Deanʼs Office

The Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Science consists of the following departments according to the Organizational Rules of the Faculty (furthermore as OR). Their activities are led by the Dean, Secretary or Vice-Deans:

Dean’s Office Secretariat

Ensures the administrative agenda related to the activities of the Dean, Vice-Deans, the Secretary and their advisors and other activities according to article 6 paragraph 1 of the OR.

Jitka Vlková

Assistant of Dean

Room: CPTO 8.04, Phone: +420 475 28 6655, E-mail:

Ilona Dolenská


Room: CS-315, Phone: +420 475 28 3250, E‑mail:

Finance Office

Prepares documents for the faculty budget, prepares the budget according to the Secretary’s instruction. Prepares proposals for budget changes within the faculty and continuously evaluates budget execution (including budgets of individual partial budget actions). It also monitors compliance with budget discipline, checks financial statements and keeps cash book and cash.

Romana Stehlíková


Room: CPTO 8.07, Phone: +420 475 28 6657, E‑mail:

Department of Services

Petr Dvořák

Facility Management

Room: Klíšská 30, Phone: +420 777 085 158, E‑mail:

Martin Nechvíle

Operating Electrician

Room: Klíšská 30, Phone: +420 778 830 778, E-mail:

Filip Kunert

Room: area Za Válcovnou, Phone: +420 602 314 271, E‑mail:

Faculty Secretary is responsible for the Dean’s Office Secretariat, the Finance Office and the Department of Services.

Student Registry

Elaborates the documentation and documents for the management, coordination and control of activities of the Dean and Vice-Dean in the field of study and performs other activities according to article 6, paragraph 4 of the OR.

Vice-Dean for Study is responsible for the Student Registry.

Department for Research and Department for Foreign Affairs (International Office)

Participates in the organization of creative activities at the faculty, keeps records of creative activities at the faculty and provides conditions for staff to prepare and execute projects. It also cooperates with the Student Registry on the organization of foreign exchange stays and keeps the agenda of editorial activities according to article 6 paragraph 5 or the OR.

Vice-Dean for Science and Research is responsible for the creative activities of the Department of Research and Foreign Affairs. Vice-Dean for External and International Relations is responsible for foreign affairs and editorial activities.

Department for External Relations (Public Relations)

Manages the agenda of the faculty’s relations with the public, media, private and state institutions and schools. Ensures and coordinates contact with the public and the media, organizes, coordinates and records promotional or presentation events of the faculty and performs other activities according to article 6 paragraph 6 of the OR.

Vice-Dean for External and Foreign Relations is responsible for the Department for External Relations.

Development Department

Prepares the agenda of all submitted and currently implemented development projects that are funded by European challenges. Also performs other activities according to article 6 paragraph 7 of the OR.

Ing. Kateřina Rašková


Room: CPTO 8.13, Phone: +420 475 28 6659, E-mail:

Vice-Dean for Development and Quality is responsible for the Department of Development.