The Faculty offers an elaborate system of students’ scholarships. On satisfying all conditions of eligibility, students can earn a social scholarship, merit-based or a doctoral scholarship. There is also a possibility to use scholarships provided for international students mobility. Besides, there is an interesting offer of earning accommodation scholarship. While the amount of accommodation scholarship per one student allocated by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports makes approximately 650 CZK, UJEP awards to the eligible students accommodation scholarship worth 950 per month. This way, with regard to the amount of accommodation scholarship, the University is ranked at the forefront among the Czech universities. The scholarship is awarded  depending on the accessibility of study place from the permanent residence, not depending on the type of accommodation which student opts for (hall of residence, private sector, own flat).

Along with the above scholarships, students with best study record are awarded  special unrepeated scholarships of the Mayor of Ústí nad Labem, Mayors of local districts, the Mayor of Trmice, scholarship of the statutory city of Teplice, etc.

Along with the afore mentioned scholarships, every year there are awarded so called motivating scholarships, intended for students of the second year of bachelor’s degree program in selected study fields. Students, who have satisfied the conditions of the first year of study and meet the other conditions of scholarship regulations, in the second year get awarded special scholarship amounting to 5,000 CZK, with average record under 1,5 up to 10,000 CZK.

Scholarship Rules of Faculty of Science