Research Offer

  • lectures focused on animal and human behaviour, especially the dominant hierarchy and sexual behaviour for physicians, mental health specialists, companies, social workers, teachers or the general public
  • ethograms of farm and ZOO animals
  • video analysis of behaviour using Noldus Observer
  • cultivation of plants (germination) in controlled environment (light, temperature), evaluation of physiological status, stress measurement in laboratory as well as in field conditions
  • precise surface modifications (metal, ceramics, glass, plastic polymers) using micro abrasive techniques
  • scanning electron microscopy (SEM) analysis of biological surfaces
  • atomic force microscopy (AFM) analysis of biological objects
  • surface characterization using AFM (horizontal resolution more than 1,7nm, vertical resolution up to 0,2nm)
  • research and development of functional nanofibrous materials
  • plasma technologies for surface modifications and thin films deposition
  • surface characterizations and research of functional surfaces and thin films
  • computer modelling
  • remote control
  • spatial and multitemporal analysis of landscape and social features and production of cartographic outputs in geographical information systems (GIS), supporting decision making of local governments and private entities (tourism, reclamation, spatial planning, etc.)
  • 3D modelling (digital terrain/landscape model, ortophotomaps, spatial analysis – visibility, cross-sections, morphometrics) and 3D visual reconstruction of buildings
  • planning of travel programmes for tourism and travel agencies and tourist guidance in Czechia and Europe
  • analysis of selected environmental risks (flood risks, landslide risks noise pollution – II. accuracy class, thermal comfort at public spaces; suitability analysis for nature-based water retention measures) for decision support in spatial planning and development
  • organization of seminars and specialized surveys focusing on geography (settlement, demography and economic geography), environment and geoinformation for both private and public sectors
  • analysis and design of computer network optimization, including penetration testing, implementation of open-source technologies in corporate infrastructures
  • application of big data and machine learning methods for data analysis including but not limited to medical data (signal and image processing), data from production (predictive maintenance, IoT) and financial data (predictive modeling)
  • statistical data analysis (e.g. time series analysis, sales forecasting)
  • data analysis and statistics courses

Specific possibilities for cooperation
Actors of development
Analysis of the impact of nanopracticle systems on model cell lines
Antimicrobial nanofiber membranes
Artifical inteligence, advanced data analysis and simulation
Biosensors and microfluidic chips for medical diagnostics
Computer design of nanomaterials
Computer modeling and high-performance computing
Cultural aspects of regional development
Geographical education and geography of schooling
Microfluidic chip for cultivation of fish embryos (FET)
Model organism Danio rerio and its use in biomedicine applications
Nanofibrous materials for biomedical applications
Nanoporous polymer membranes prepared by electrospinning
Nanostructured surfaces for variable applications
Nanotextiles for antibacterial air filtrations
Open-source technology focused on infrastructure, cybersecurity and data protection

Plant exosomes for therapeutical use
Polymeric nanofiber membranes for specific functions
Priming as a tool for modulation of biomass
Virtual worlds