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Novel carbosilane dendrimers for biomedical applications – interactions with biomolecules and biomembranesGA15-05903SRNDr. Jan Malý, Ph.D.2015-2017
Participation of Czech representatives in IUVSTA committees LG14036prof. RNDr. Stanislav Novák, CSc.2014-2016
Nano and microstructures on solid substrates induced by laser beam treatmentGA13-06609Sdoc. Ing. Zdeňka Kolská, Ph.D.2013-2017
Plasma-chemical modification of phyllosilicates for functional nanostructuresGA13-06989Sprof. RNDr. Pavla Čapková, DrSC.2013-2015
Documentary data sources for research of social perception and adaptation strategies to selected historic natural hazards in the Czech RepublicGP13-02080PMgr. Pavel Raška, Ph.D.2013-2015
Study of electrowetting: Open statistical ensemble computer simulations of aqueous electrolytes in confined geometry and
electric field
GP13-35793PRNDr. Filip Moučka, Ph.D.2013-2015
Properties of mesoporous silica and ability to interactions with nucleic acids7AMB13PL011prof. RNDr. Pavla Čapková, DrSC.2013-2014
Development of culture of problem solving in mathematics in Czech schools GAP407/12/1939doc. PaeDr. Petr Eisenmann, CSc.2012-2014
Nonadditive interactions in aqueous solutions of electrolytes: role of polarizibility and cross anteractionsLH12019prof. RNDr. Ivo Nezbeda, Dr.Sc.2012-2014
Evolutionary psychology aspoects of couple hiearchy disparityGPP407/12/P616RNDr. Eva Jozífková, Ph.D.2012-2014
Institutional co-operation in regions as a tool for overcoming the territorial inequalities in access to elementary education GPP404/12/P374RNDr. Silvie Kučerová, Ph.D.2012-2014
Solubility of nonpolar fluids in water: a molecular-based study GPP208/12/P710RNDr. Jan Jirsák, Ph.D.2012-2014
Relations between topological spaces and their topological groups of G-valued continuous functions for a given topological group G GPP201/12/P724Mgr. Jan Spěvák, Ph.D.2012-2014
Formation of spatial identities in areas with intensively changed landscape: the case of North-Western BohemiaGAP404/12/1112doc. RNDr. Milan Jeřábek, CSc.2012-2014
Oper university, open scienceEE2.3.0044RNDr. Alena Chvátalová, Ph.D.2012-2014
Polymer solutions in an external field: molecular understanding of electrospinning GAP208/12/0105prof. RNDr. Ivo Nezbeda, Dr.Sc.2012-2015
Chance for young researchers at the University of J.E. Purkyně EE2.3.30.0062prof. RNDr. Pavla Čapková, DrSc.2012-2015
Molecular-level vapor-liquid equilibrium study of multicomponent mixtures for application in chemical industry GPP208/11/P392Ing. Magda Švorová, Ph.D.2011-2014
Dendrimers in biomedical applicationsOC10053RNDr. Marek Malý, Ph.D.2010-2012
Kinetic electron emission from metals induced by impact of slow ions ME10086Ing. Martin Kormunda, Ph.D.2010-2012
Energetic processes in solar atmosphere: realtions of simulations to observationsGAP209/10/1680RNDr. Michal Varady, Ph.D.2010-2012
Study of the interaction of chemically active plasmas with solid surfaces at medium and higher pressures GAP205/10/0979prof. RNDr. Stanislav Novák, CSc.2010-2013
The structure and properties of modified polymers for tissue engineering GAP108/10/1106doc. Ing. Zdeňka Kolská, Ph.D.2010-2014
Czech borderland after Schengen: self-sufficient, oscillatory or transit region? IAA311230901doc. RNDr. Milan Jeřábek, Ph.D.2009-2012