Novel cell-material constructs for soft and hard tissue engineering

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Project title: Novel cell-material constructs for soft and hard tissue engineering
Project type/Program:
Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic
Project No: NU20-08-00208
Team: principal investigator Doc. MUDr. Lucie Bačáková, CSc. (Fyziologický ústav AV ČR); Co-investigator: doc. Zdeňka Kolská (ÚMC, PřF UJEP); doc. Ing. Petr Slepička, Ph.D. (FCHT VŠCHT Praha); MUDr Martin Molitor, PhD. (Nemocnice Na Bulovce, Praha); Ing. Miloš Beran (Výzkumný ústav potravinářský Praha, v.v.i.)
Project period: 2019–2023
Project description: Tissue replacements based on 3D nanofibrous scaffolds and adipose-derived stem cells (ASCs) will be created. The scaffolds will be prepared by centrifugal spinning of biodegradable polymers approved for implantation into the human body, such as PLA, PCL, PLGA or PHB. The ASCs will be isolated from the fat obtained by liposuction from patients. The penetration of ASCs inside the scaffolds will be ensured by a perfusion cell culture system. The ASCs will be then differentiated towards adipocytes or osteoblasts. The constructs with adipocytes could replace the fat autografts, currently used in reconstructive surgery, because of their potential higher stability and slower resorption. The constructs with osteoblasts could be used as fillers of bone defects. We will also create dermal-epidermal skin replacements, in which the ASCs will be used instead of fibroblasts. The ASCs will stimulate phenotypic maturation of keratinocytes by paracrine secretion of biomolecules, and also the formation of capillary-like structures from endothelial cells co-cultured with ASCs in the scaffolds.