Smart magnetic materials: from bulk systems towards „spinterface“

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Project title: Smart magnetic materials: from bulk systems towards „spinterface“
Project type/Program:
The Czech Science Foundation (GACR)
Project No: 20–01768S
Team: principal investigator Prof. Ing. Martin Orendáč CSc. (FCHT UCT Prague), co-investigator doc. Ing. Zdeňka Kolská Ph.D. (ÚMC, PřF UJEP)
Project period: 2020–2022
Project description: The aim of the project is a preparation of novel magnetic materials, tuning their magnetic properties by a systematic alternation of their structure and composition and subsequent investigation of predominantly quantum interactions between spins and the hosting media. Single–ion magnets, spin–crossover systems and two–dimensional magnets will be prepared and characterized in a bulk form, embedded in the polymer media, metal-organic framework and /or deposited on various polymer-based substrates. Material properties of the deposited entities (surface structure, morphology, chemical composition, charge, optical properties, surface area and porosity, magnetic properties) will be studied by different methods. The produced objects will enable systematic investigation of spin-lattice relaxation time, crossover in the magnetic dimensionality and response to the external triggering. The proposed studies will bring insight into phenomena foreseen in a novel assembly named as “spinterface”.