Great news from Erasmus+

Our international students regularly write reports about their studies at our Faculty of Science. We greatly appreciate their enthusiasm, and as a result, have chosen to share one of these reports:

“The Erasmus+ experience in UJEP was just amazing. I have found lots of very kind and professional professors who always helped me in any possible way. In particular, these five months in UJEP helped me to achieve better knowledge of my limits and capabilities. With the UJEP teaching methods I learned to speak in public, make professional presentations and start with writing scientific articles and projects. Thanks to their support, I was able to go through a rough master’s degree application related to Marine Biology. I received support in writing my CV in English (which was the first time for me), motivation letters and I also received academic references that helped a lot with the selection procedure. Finally, I can say that I have been accepted to this European master’s degree and I want to thank Mrs. Liegertová and Mrs. Czerneková in particular because they supported me from the beginning and keep doing it even now that I am back in my home country.”
Michelle Pingitore