SP Physics for Education (Bc.)

Full-time study / Combined study

Aims of the Study
The aim of the study is to provide students with a thorough preparation in mathematics and physics. The two-field study is primarily designed for applicants interested in teaching physics in combination with another subject, who will continue in the follow-up master’s study programme with a focus on education after graduating from the bachelor’s programme. The study not only focuses on acquiring education at the general physical discipline base level, but also at the preparatory teaching course level (specialised didactic and educational-psychological subjects and practical experience).

Graduate Profile
Graduates get to know the school environment, regular school operation and basic teaching methods during the teaching practice and are well prepared for the follow-up study of teaching physics. They will find jobs in various school and educational institutions (such as community centres as science club managers, in schools as teacher assistants, etc.), but also in many practically oriented areas where they can use their general physical education. The graduate’s career options are also broadened by the second programme that study programme in Physics for Education is combined with.