SP Mathematics in Business and Public Administration (Bc.)

Full-time study

The aim of the study is to provide the student with necessary education within the basic mathematical disciplines and the areas of informatics useful in processing information and decision-making processes.

Graduates gain knowledge in the basic mathematical disciplines, i.e. in mathematical analysis, linear algebra, probability and statistics and discrete mathematics, and become familiar with the relationships and connections between individual mathematical fields. They learn the basic programming knowledge and skills and apply them in practice (typically by creating advanced scripts in Python and R). The graduates are able to use software for data analysis and visualisation (e.g. Qlik Sense, MS Excel), mathematical programs (e.g. Mathematica, mathematical modules of the Python language), statistical programs (e.g. Statistica, R) proficiently and they are ready to use additional application software products, obtaining and processing data and data analysis in a creative manner.

The study programme graduates are employable in private sector as well as in public administration institutions in professions related to informatics, technical practice, logistics, finance and data processing.