SP Geography (Mgr.)

Full-time study

The Master’s programme is designed as an academic programme. It provides a deepening of geographical knowledge from the Bachelor’s degree. Interdisciplinary courses and practical topics predominate. The study develops skills to find and assess geographic information sources of various types, to analyse and interpret the spatial information obtained, to use modern geoinformatic tools and to present and argue the results of their work. The student is also able to apply geoinformatics tools to public administration (real estate registration, land protection, spatial planning) and to create GIS projects solving specific problems. The programme also includes courses that will be supervised by experts from other faculties of UJEP. Increased attention is paid to the discussion of the application possibilities of geographic research methods. The student is encouraged to formulate and design his/her own methodological procedures. After graduation, the student has the opportunity to continue his/her Ph.D. studies in Geographies of Transformations at UJEP or in a similar field at another university, or find employment in the labour market.