SP Computer Modelling in Science and Technology (Bc.)

Full-time study / Combined study

Aims of the Study
The aim of the study programme is to educate experts in the field of Physics education with a focus on the computer methods used in science and technology. Graduates acquire the knowledge and skills required for understanding, formulation and solutions of computer models, namely based on the laws of physics. Study plans include seminars in physics, mathematics, programming, numerical and computer methods. Numerous practical seminars help graduates acquire the ability to independently seek suitable computer methods for solving problems in science and technology, and to implement calculations using computing technology.

Graduate Profile
Graduates are well prepared for the follow-up master’s study programme in Computer Modelling in Science and Technology, and then a doctoral study programme with the same title; they can mostly find employment in the academic sphere as academic and science personnel. Outside the academic sphere, graduates find jobs in companies involved in computational problems in technology and other areas, data processing, logistics, programming and software development, and in the industry, education and bank sectors.