SP Biology (Mgr.)

Full-time study

Graduates gain knowledge and skills in biology at a level adequate for a Master’s degree. The study focuses on students who want to dedicate their professional careers to systematic biology while being able to use modern molecular biology, bioanalytical or microscopic approaches to studying variability of organisms and confront knowledge of the morphology and physiology of organisms with demonstration of their behaviour and ecological requirements. Graduates adequately master zoological, botanical and microbiological taxonomy fields, are knowledgeable of the main current trends in the development of biological disciplines, molecular and biological principles of vital functions of plant and animal cells, are informed about the current areas of development in biotechnologies and the related ethical/social issues, and are familiar with the principles of advanced bioanalytical, molecular and biological and microscopic methods and behavioural analysis methods. Graduates are able to use knowledge of systematic biology and combine this knowledge with modern molecular and biological taxonomy approaches. They are experienced in interdisciplinary and scientific communication and teamwork. Graduates meet the requirements for continuing in their education via the doctoral study program in specialised biological fields. Selection of compulsory electives allows students to focus in more detail on professions involving daily contact with biology and animal behaviour topics (animal protection, breeding) or passing knowledge over to others (tuition, education, consultancy). The range of compulsory electives furthermore allows students to specialise in view of their future professions in research laboratories, operating bioanalytical laboratories or in companies specialising in research, production or commercial activities.