SP Applied Plasma Technologies (Mgr.)

Aims of the Study
The aim of the study is to provide students of the master’s study programme in Applied Plasma Technologies with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of application of physical methods, both in deposition of material using plasma or plasma-based material modifications, and in the characterisation of such prepared thin layers and materials. The study programme orientates students towards the area of physics using plasma or charged particles, most frequently ion beams, for the preparation, modification and subsequent characterisation of such prepared materials. Education also focuses on the methodology of measurement and data processing.

Graduate Profile
Graduates are well prepared for the follow-up doctoral study programme in Applied Ion Technologies. Outside the academic sphere, they can also pursue careers in industry, material research, and applications of plasma technologies. Graduates are also acquire the ability to communicate on an interdisciplinary level, which is essential for the transfer of technology into practice.