SP Applied Nanotechnology (Mgr.)

Full-time study

Nanotechnologies cover a wide range of material research and this gives rise to the multidisciplinary approach to teaching graduates and the emphasis on their interdisciplinary communication skills. The composition of the subjects covered therefore aims to provide a balanced combination of physical and chemical methods in nanotechnologies and nanobiotechnology and reflect the current trends in material research in applied nanotechnologies.

The study programme relies on the faculty’s research and educational facilities in the following areas: use of plasma and chemical technologies in preparation of nanomaterials, research of supramolecular systems for new dosage forms, research of polymer nanostructures for tissue engineering, research of biosensors, etc. The proposed study programme aims to reflect the needs of the industry in the region, which has traditionally focused on chemistry. This is why we also employ industry experts as teachers and have included the elective course entitled “Industrial chemistry”. A great benefit for our students is the contractual cooperation our faculty with the Association of Nanotechnology Industry of the Czech Republic, which guarantees the possibility of practice, participation in industrial research projects and job offers. The cooperation of the faculty with the institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences guarantees the participation of students in research projects and the possibility of further academic careers in research.