SP Applied Nanotechnology (Bc.)

Full-time study

Nanotechnologies can be described as an interdisciplinary scientific and technical field that studies and applies systems functioning at the level of molecules or atoms. Since the beginning of their development more than 20 years ago, nanotechnologies have now penetrated many technical and production fields. As the turnover of companies using nanotechnologies in developed countries grows rapidly, there is increasing demand for qualified workers at various levels. Fast transfer of knowledge from physical nanotechnologies and nanomaterial engineering to nanobiotechnologies and bioanalytics is occurring at the same time. In Czechia there is an increasing number of small R+D companies, which reflect this knowledge in practical applications and offers our students practice and work positions. Our faculty is cooperating with the Association of Nanotechnology Industry in Czechia in research and education, what enables our students to take part in research projects.
The entire study programme emphasises mastering practical knowledge and skills. The share of practical laboratory training, excursions to the industry and, most importantly, students’ independent laboratory activities gradually increases during the course of the programme. The study program furthermore includes practical training in manufacturing companies. Practical cooperation with companies including participation of students in resolution of specific problems will be further developed.