Research support within UJEP

Internal grant agency UJEP
The establishment of the Internal grant agency of the Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem is based on the concept of development and efforts to increase the quality of educational and creative activities at the university. The main activities of IGA include administrative, organizational and co-ordinational activities, which are done across the university in cooperation with academics, foreign partners, institutions and other providers of funds to support the institutional development of UJEP.

Student grant competition
The Student Grant Agency started its activities at UJEP at the beginning of the year 2010. SGC expanded the possibilities of students to participate in scientific, research or development projects. Academic staff together with students of master’s or doctoral study programs deal with the student grant projects. A proposal for a student grant project may be submitted by an academic staff member or a student studying in a doctoral study program by 31st January of each year (unless otherwise specified). A student grant project can last on to three years, the amount of funding for the project can be a maximum of 500 thousand CZK for one year of a project. The research team may have up to 50 people.
The rules of the student grant competition are precisely defined by internal regulation. Student grants are also governed by the rules for providing targeted support for specific higher education research.