Autumn meeting: Children experienced autumn holidays in our botanical park

On Thursday, 26th October, we once again welcomed children to our educational botanical park area part of the Department of Biology, at the Faculty of Science, J. E. Purkyně University. These children chose to spend part of their autumn holidays at a natural science-oriented gathering with our biology education students, who guided them through a day filled with activities focused on observing changes in nature, endangered animals in our region, exploration, inquiry, and autumn crafting.

The children explored the autumnal nature in our botanical park and exhibits in the greenhouses. In the laboratory, they engaged in the chromatography of plant pigments and the microscopic examination of yeast. They learned interesting information about our significant owl species, the little owl. With the lecturer, they discussed the possibilities of its protection and then searched for potential threats in the park, proposing ways to address them. They also focused on proper feeding of waterfowl in winter, creating their own educational information boards for the public.

During the afternoon activities, we revealed some nature secrets to the children through games, and we also tried dendrologist work with them. In conclusion, the children bid farewell by creating amazing scenes from autumn natural materials, such as the inscription “UJEP” from colourful leaves. In return, we carved pumpkins according to their team designs, which will adorn the entrance area in front of the department throughout the autumn.

We thank everyone who supported us in preparing and implementing the event: Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, J. E. Purkyně University, the children, and parents. Special thanks go to the lecturers for their excellent and quality preparation and implementation of the meeting, responsible approach, and professional work with the children.

Silvie Svobodová and lecturers – Hana Bakešová, Nikola Dolenská, Josef Hervert, Eliška Hrabáková, Andrea Spurná, Kristýna Vrabcová, Kristýna Šedivá, Kateřina Regnerová, Denisa Schuldesová, Valerie Smetková.